122 BGCP Rutherglen Comic Con – 2nd February 2020


Rutherglen Town Hall, Glasgow 10:00 – 16:00


Bril Ziveri Graeme Carmichael Jedi Master
Luke Skywalker Mark McCreadie Jedi Master
Macca Starkno Calum Macqueen Jedi Guardian
Princess Leia Organa Beth Mitchell Senator
Rydo Sarn Michael Murray Rebel Alliance Special Forces

Mission Report
After attending this event a few years back I was slightly wary of the number of costumers attending given the tiny-wee changing facilities from the first time round. Fortunately my fears in this regards were misplaced as we’d been allocated an additional room.

Which was even smaller.

(I mean, excellently appointed, make no mistake, but anyone actually attempting to use the toilet would have ended up peeing over the Rowlf the Dog-style coat Beth had worn.)

On arrival I was welcomed by Michael Murray who had never trooped with me before* and fortunately by only being in the room one at a time we were able to get dressed just about by the time the event opened to the public. It was a fairly quiet start with some persistent rain likely conspiring to keep people away initially, but by mid-morning there was consistent flow of new arrivals into the Town Hall (admittedly some of those were OAPs just in for their morning scone and tea who had to be wondering why all these “Star Trek-people” were blocking the entrance…)

Just before lunch the three Jedi were set upon by a press photographer interested in getting our picture alongside a diminutive Darth Vader (no… not that one…) “outside”. Gamely following him, it quickly became evident that he hadn’t meant “at the front door” as he marched us along the high street, down a lane and into the car park behind the event. Having asked the little Sith Lord to Force Choke us he then had us crouch to his level for dozens of photos before deciding to try it with a different background and walk us across the road to repeat the experience. As a result of this workout my right thigh now resembles Popeyes forearms and I can’t fit into one of my trouser legs.

Not having an “official” photographer we were able to prevail on one of the Cosplayers after lunch to take a suitable photo for the benefit of the Jedi Trials. The rest of the afternoon passed pleasantly and as predicted the venue began to quieten down shortly before the Cosplay Competition kicked off next door in the library giving us the opportunity to de-kit one by one.

The slightly truncated duration allowed time to meet up with Lucienne and her companions just prior to us all being brusquely ejected by the cafe staff who wanted to clear the place. Ah well… By then I only had time to engage in a few hurried goodbyes as I was running late for dinner anyway, apologies to those I missed on my way out…

Visual Archive
*As mentioned, we had no photographer on the day. Instead here are a selection of pictures of Michael and I at previous events…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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