Reasons to hate Reading #13

The office down here has the smallest car park possible, with approximately four cars vying for every space…


That’s clearly why they thought it’d be a good idea to close off a third of it, essentially ensuring that anyone who doesn’t arrive before 06:30 has to pay for off-site parking.

It’s large, it’s round, it rolls along the ground…

…but enough about Julie, it’s time for Adventure in Sphereing. Which may or may not be different to Zorbing, I dunno…

Having arisen at stupid o’clock to make the three hour round trip drive all the way to Middle of Nowhereville, Stirling for the thirty minute session gifted to us by Julie’s’ “friend”, neither of us were particularly looking forward to trying this. Still… Despite appearing as though a Sontaren scout-ship had landed, it looked innocuous enough…20120429-144848.jpg

Although if Julie has ever had a non-plussed look on her face in her life, it has got to be this one:20120429-145305.jpg

To be honest I was somewhat more concerned with being able to jump and dive into the opening halfway up the sphere than actually being rolled downhill in it.20120429-145435.jpg






Quite fun in the end. Let’s never do it again though20120429-145601.jpg

Reasons to ha-ha at Reading #12

 Everyone’s invited to my Hosepipe party…… except anyone in southern and eastern England obviously, which would include all my friends in Shithole-Reading.

HAHAHA! Look! The joke with the picture is I’m not only using my hose this morning while they’re all banned from doing so, but I’m actually washing the hose because it looked a bit dirty. In fact, I may have forgotten to turn it off when I left the house this morning!

Anyone need a swimming pool filled..?