Imperial Scottish Squad Trading Cards

Folk were quite impressed with the print quality of the character debut cards I gave out to the kids on the occasion of my first Returns Bat troop at Fairy Box so back in…  oohh…  2nd October 2012 I offered to “do” a run of complete sets of trading cards for all ISS members for free with the intent that we could also gift them to those who trooped alongside us in conjunction with the patch.

I think about three members responded to the offer so I’ve only ever produced the cards for special occasions like the Bat 89 reproduction for Gary on the occasion of the UKGs 15th anniversary Mem weekend and the first (and, if I have my way, last time) my fellow Ghostbusters and I got together, but y’know, there offers still there if anyone wants to take me up on it…

Five years of the ISS

The 501st Legion Imperial Scottish Squad, to give its Sunday name, was formed five years ago this >coughcough< apparently.
Actually, it was formed back at the beginning of 2009 as The Tatooine Highland Pipe Band, but that doesn’t get mentioned much because nobody likes to give me any credit for anything.

I’ve had my ups and downs with it and the membership, mostly in relation to it pretty much being a Facebook user exclusive club in recent times, but I’m still proud of the fact that against internal and external resistance we managed to pull together a squad in a wholly democratic manner.

The five-year thing brings two thoughts to mind though… The first is that five years on, I’ve still never finished the artwork for the presentation to our first Squad Leader, (luckily he’s still in the job and I can try to pass it off eventually as a leaving present) but more importantly, the second is in regards to the logo.

As I recall, the TTHPB members were presented with 23(!) different logo suggestions and were allowed to cast multiple votes for their favourites from that selection.
These were submitted as concepts by the members, there was no talent barrier as the final version would be reworked prior to forming part of the squad submission to the Legion Captain of the Guard.

The eventual winner was a logo that had undergone at least five revisions, massaged by the membership into its final glorious form. But just imagine what could’ve been..!

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Here comes The Judge – PROG 008

HCTJ008The pouches are as good as they’re going to get but the flaps are determined to remain open because the were painted that way so a spot of hoot glue on each is needed to keep them closed.

Other finishing touches involve gluing the zipper pull over the top of the proper zip and attaching Velcro over the RS logo for the name badge to remain in position.


Here comes The Judge – PROG 007


More painting!
Even with a base coat of primer the pouches aren’t taking the paint anywhere near enough.  I have to resort to giving them a coat of emulsion to form a base for the green spray.  It seems odd, Valspar is the same brand as Plasti-Kote but the paint just doesn’t seem as capable of adhering to porous surfaces.
I don’t have a lot of time left to waste repeatedly re-painting these so I cover the gloves with emulsion too which save discovering it needed done tomorrow!

Using some spare elastic and a pile of DIY parts I modify the knee and elbow pads.



The final result is slightly reminiscent of modern era Cliff Robertson Dredd with the hex socket bolts on his gloves.  Again, at this point these and the boots are going to have to stay their original colour or I’ll never be finished in time.


Speaking of the boots, the second one has had the detailing removed so with the gloves and pouches still drying at this stage the ensemble looks lie this: