118 Forbidden Planet – New Store Opening – 9th November 2019


Forbidden Planet, Glasgow 09:00 – 15:00


Chewbacca Paul Smith Wookie
Jey d’Srow Julie Sword Rebel Pilot
Luke Skywalker Mark McCreadie Jedi Master
RLUK Fraser Stevenson Jedi
RLUK Calum Macqueen Crew
RLUK Fraser Boyd Crew

Mission Report
Report begins “You look exactly like Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi. Fantastic…” End of report.

(What? Really..? 55 words at least?)

So… Uh… that encounter happened, which was a bit of a boost after 4.5 hours outside in 6 degree temperatures because frankly the shop was too mobbed for us to be inside at any point. Also all the good standing spots had been occupied for the duration by those plastic clad Dark Side wimps who need their blankies and bottles and a nice nap every few hours or they get cranky…

I very much enjoyed standing, glaring, in the cold during this debut outing for the costume for what seemed like a massive number of photos which were taken that day and was delighted to meet the miniature version of my “father” in a frilly skirt, who turned out to be Lucienne, who’s birthday party we were so warmly welcomed at nearly two years previously.

Although there was no opportunity to look around the new shop I’m glad that after circa a decade of Mr. MacPherson keeping the channels open with Forbidden Planet Glasgow that they’ve finally managed to obtain premises more conducive to our collective attendance and will be happy to go back in future for a repeat visit. As long as that future is at a time when the air temperature has climbed into double digits!

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