119 BGCP Kilmarnock Comic Con 2019~ Kilmarnock – 16th November 2019


The Grand Hall, Kilmarnock 09:00 – 16:00


Jeedo Julie Sword Rebel Pilot
Luke Skywalker Mark McCreadie Jedi Master
Macca Starkno Calum Macqueen Jedi Guardian
Obi-Wan Kenobi Alex Dick Jedi Master

Mission Report
I’ve had a couple of near misses with this relatively local Big Glasgow Comic Page event the past few years, but filming and other responsibilities meant I never quite made it along, this time round though, after bravely enduring the vagaries of the Kilmarnock one-way system we found ourselves with a second early, cold, start in as many weeks.
Fortunately, aside from a moment of bravado early on when we ventured near the entrance before realising our misplaced temperature related optimism and an exciting evacuation due to a fire alarm, this weekend we were able to remain entirely in the interior of the venue.

I seem to wax lyrical about how the locations and nature of the BGCP conventions attract a different crowd of families with younger children and convention novices, many of them availing themselves of the opportunity to cosplay, each time I write a field report on one.
Proving this was no exception to that rule this provided a steady, if not overwhelming, flow of attendees throughout the day for many of whom our presence and the opportunity for a photograph was a new experience which makes a pleasant change from many of the reoccurring gigs we attend.

Once again Mr. Macqueen provided a cornucopia of refreshments for the attendees and oversaw the well-appointed changing areas and deserves our gratitude for ensuring the whole day went off without a hitch.


Apart from his “poo in the pool” story.

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106.1 BGCP Loch Lomond Comic Con – 18th May 2019


Loch Lomond Shores, Balloch 11:00 – 16:00


Blue squadron Steven Walker Rebel Pilot
CC-11084 Fulvio Becchelli Commander Cody
Chewbacca Paul Smith Wookie
Crake Lisgo Kenny Crawford Jedi Consular
DZ-1873 Ian MacPherson Jawa
IG-5780 Glen Stewart Imperial Gunner
Nacas “Wolf” Starkno Calum Macqueen Rebel Marine
Obi-Wan Kenobi Alex Dick Jedi Master
Princess Leia Organa Beth Mitchell Senator
SL-77314 Alan Dalgleish Darth Vader
TA-7240 Julie Sword AT-AT Driver
TI-13751 Christopher Crawford TIE Pilot – ANH
UK-29578 Sheraz Khwaja Spotter

Mission Report
I attended what appeared to be the latest Big Glasgow Passive Smoking Convention as a punter on the Saturday. The retailers room of the event was pretty small (I did at least two laps in under 10 minutes) and crowded making it unlikely that there was much room for the costumers inside.  Unfortunately the weather was rainy for the first few hours and remained dull and cloudy for the second half of the day which meant that those in attendance were pretty much stood in the one area for the duration, just outside the entrance which seemed to be the most popular area for smokers to congregate.

It looked like a long day, although the flow of people wanting photos seemed fairly steady, but I’m not overly surprised nobody seemed to be in hurry to return from the lunch break…

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