125 BGCP Largs Comic Con 2020 – 29th February 2020


Clark Memorial Parish Church, Largs 10:00 – 16:00


Adi Gallia Lynn McDavid Jedi Master
Jey d’Srow Julie Sword Rebel Pilot
Kit Fisto Brian McDavid Jedi Master
Luke Skywalker Mark McCreadie Jedi Master

Mission Report
Last year I remarked about how much I enjoyed this troop as generally with the BGCP events the attendees aren’t quite so blasé about our presence, unfortunately be it down to the weather, change in venue or our being there becoming ubiquitous the needle seems to have shifted in that regard.

The event was pretty quiet all day, that is to say, it was okay in terms of attendance but the punters really didn’t seem interested in us at all, even the relatively unique presence of Kit Fisto seemed to merit little interest. Not that people were unhappy to see us, they just weren’t interested in stopping for photos. Part of this may be down to perception due to the much smaller venue than last year, there was hardly anywhere to stand inside that we weren’t causing an obstruction for someone, be it vendor or member of the public.
The winds were so bad all day that all the cloak wearers were one strong gust away from the danger of kiting over to Millport, so we couldn’t spend any appreciable time outside either.

All in all, slightly disappointing compared to the previous event, but as far encountering the tail end of a storm goes I think we only have ourselves to blame for not having a rule about only trooping between April and September..!

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