71.1 Exclusive Doctor Who Poster Giveaway – 20th September 2014

Hamleys Toy Store, Glasgow 12:00 – 16:00

Mission Report
This was a slightly odd event, surrounded by confusion over the transport and arrival arrangements and most obviously not being under the UKG umbrella. Although the there was as a steady stream of people through the day there were none of the queues that previous Hamleys events have witness and it was probably a bit quieter than they’d have liked. Apparently the footfall in the whole centre was way down over the weekend though because people were wanting to avoid any post-referendum trouble and stayed out of Glasgow.

I hadn’t actually heard of the trouble on George Square at that point but the photographer that was there had said their studio had a large number of cancellations that weekend for the same reason. In fact apparently a fight broke out within Hamleys at one point, but being inside the Dalek at the time I missed it and didn’t hear the details till after.

Those that did venture out seemed pleased to see Barry though and I have to admit I wasn’t too fussed about the turnout personally. Come the last hour I was really done in anyway and it was about all I could do to muster up some feeble dome movement, and didn’t have the energy to do a lot of speaking so if it had been busier I’d probably have to had to call it quits earlier.

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Exclusive Doctor Who Poster Giveaway at Hamleys


Date: Saturday 20th September 2014

Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm


ATTENTION Doctor Who fans!! As the Time Lord has returned to our screens, Hamleys is celebrating with an exclusive Doctor Who Collector’s poster event!

They have 250 Limited Edition Posters to give to some lucky fans!

These are so exclusive that your poster will be the only one of its kind in the world…just like the Doctor himself! Each poster is numbered and a true collector’s item.

If you are a fan of Doctor Who, then this is an opportunity that you do not want to miss out on.

They also have 25 goody bags to giveaway per store for super fans who come dressed as a Doctor Who! Only the best dressed will be eligible so good luck!

To get your hands on these unique posters come in store and purchase any Dr Who toy!

Additional information: Hamleys will be giving one limited edition poster to anyone that purchases any Doctor Who toy. There is no minimum spend. One poster will be distributed per transaction. Posters are subject to availability and can only be redeemed when a Doctor Who toy has been purchased. Posters are numbered 1 – 250. We cannot guarantee a specific number to anyone. Posters will be distributed on a first come first served basis. Customers will not receive a poster for any toy purchased prior to the date stated above. Poster cannot be purchased separately. Posters are exclusive to Hamleys Toy Shops in the UK and Ireland.

70 The Unexpected Artist Gallery, Promotional Event – 30th August 2014

St. Enoch Shopping Centre, Glasgow 10:00 – 17:00

Mission Report
It may have taken a couple of false starts, but finally everyone managed to get their ducks in a row for this long mooted event (although ironically “short notice” being one of the reasons for the previous failure to launch) and despite my aversion to early starts Barry was ready to glide out of the door of the shopping centre about 11:00.  I was a bit wary of the idea of touring such a public space, especially with only one spotter, but fortunately at that time in the morning St. Enoch’s was still relatively quite.  This allowed the press photographer and PR people to get the photos they wanted without too much hassle and meant we were back safely ensconced in the Unexpected Artist gallery space before the place got too busy.

Following a break for lunch, we ventured out again.  This time the crowds were much more substantial and the presence of a Dalek was creating a bottle neck on one side of the north wing of shops.  With security showing some concern we moved to the more open area below Hamleys, across from the food court and it was like Pied Piper with a trail of folk following in the monochrome menaces’ wake.
Although both Julie and I were slightly reticent about these “tours” it did bring a bunch of extra visitors back to the gallery unit each time we returned so from that point of view I guess it was a success.

Thus far we’d remained on the same floor as the gallery, but buoyed with confidence for our final trip out we dared the lifts to get down for a spin around the ground floor.  This created some opportunities for shock reactions as the lift doors opened on the unwary and a stand raising money for children’s cancer awareness received a little boost in bucket donations when we situated ourselves next to them for a couple of minutes.

Unfortunately the resulting newspaper article in the Sunday Sun failed to actually mention the Unexpected Artists gallery in it’s text, instead rather vaguely implying our presence was to promote the new series of Doctor Who, but as the reporter on the day was too scared to approach the Dalek it’s not surprising the facts got muddied.
Sunday Sun 31/08/14

Loving a good pun, the only slight disappointment for me was that the event didn’t take place at the shopping centre at Braehead.  That way the headline could have been a more appropriate “INTU The Dalek”…

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Dalek – Invasion St. Enochs 2014 A.D.


Exterminate! Exterminate! Shoppers will be subjected to a Dalek invasion as we celebrate the return of Dr Who.

A life-sized version of the Time Lord’s arch nemesis will be flying into the Centre on August 30, a week after the new Dr Who series – featuring Scots actor Peter Capaldi – gets underway on BBC 1.


The centre will also be home to a full-sized Tardis from August 30.
The event is part of the St. Enoch Centre Artists (SEA) project, which showcases the work of a wide range of aspiring artists, from secondary school pupils to university students, and aims to provide shoppers with an art experience

The Dalek will glide around the Centre, taking shoppers and retail staff by surprise as it pops in and out of lifts and visits our stores. The Tardis, which was created by University of West of Scotland staff and students, will be displayed at The Unexpected Artist unit on the first floor. The unit features work by BA Honours Digital Arts students from the University of West of Scotland.

Our shoppers are being invited to take selfies with both the Dalek and Tardis. For those who are not brave enough to take their own snap with the Dalek, a photographer will be available to record images which can be downloaded from our Facebook site.

62 MCM Comic Con Scotland – 7th September 2013

Five Years DalekLocation
SECC, Glasgow 08:30 – 17:00

Mission Report
I think I have a new favourite costume.

Sure it was only down to a confluence of events that led to me being at the MCM Comic Con Scotland with Barry instead of a Batsuit (Martins Thursday night suggestion to bring him and smaller hire car being the two most obvious culprits) but I’m not sure I’d have enjoyed this event as much in another costume.  Being inside is an odd situation, it feels almost an open-faced costume, but there’s a level of anonymity like wearing a lid that makes mischief possible.  As with Artoo nobody is looking at me, unlike Artoo I’m still in the midst of the interaction…  Being sat down all day and having the inside complete with bottled water and snack bar and able to check your phone or 3DS without anyone seeing is great.  Sweating away inside an airless box in a crowded atrium not so much…

And man was it was crowded.  There’s a shed load of stories about how long folk queued for and even how long it actually took to walk to the end of the admission queue on arrival.  All credit to Julie and Fiona, yeah folk in the hall moved out the way quickly when they saw just what exactly wanted to go past them while trying to get me back to the changing area, but had they not been there and it solely down to me I think I’d have been stuck out in the atrium all day.

It was entirely too busy to move a great deal of the time.  It was all my spotters and I could do to position the Dalek somewhere on occasion and just remain there for the never-ending succession of photos, but perhaps had I been more aggressive with the forward momentum and less willing to stop for photos there would have been more opportunity for interaction and it would have been a more entertaining troop personally.

The reaction of the public was somewhat surprising, even allowing for the multiple times I heard “yeah I think it’s Warwick Davies inside”.  Given the crowd liable to attend this sort of event, it was odd that so many of them were entirely taken aback by the presence of a Dalek at all; I just assume the majority would have seen something like it before in person, even if the smaller kids were amazed.  Mind you it’s not often of a Monday morning when asked if I had a good weekend I can say I delighted various young ladies and soaked some nerds in the same day, so all in all a good first outing across the border for Barry his former family should be proud of him…

My only criticism of the event being that from the entrance all the costumers had to fight to try to cross the exceptionally crowded hall to get back to the changing area for breaks and back out again.  Next year I’d like to see the facilities in a less awkward place if possible.

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