123 Capital Sci-Fi Con 2020 – 15th February 2020


Corn Exchange, Edinburgh 09:00 – 17:00


DZ-18250 Leo Humphries Jawa
SL-77314 Alan Dalgleish Darth Vader
TD-35500 Brian Hannah Sandtrooper
TI-8322 Mark Billen TIE Pilot
TK-6084 Stuart Thompson Stormtrooper
TK-19767 Douglas Mullen Stormtrooper
UK-6275 Mark McCreadie Spotter
UK-41076 Alisdair Gilbert Spotter
UK-89909 Jenn Mair Spotter

Mission Report
Having arrived an hour early only to find that the wrong start time had incompetently been published on the UKG forums it meant that there was plenty of time to set up the empty table which had been provisioned for us once the PR material was finally delivered. Since no provision had been made for a duty rota for the table it rather meant that Alisdair was stuck there for the majority of the day with his static BB-series droid display. The poor organisation almost meant there was sufficient time to go over the standing orders for the day with new inductee Leo who’d be debuting his Jawa that afternoon after only almost 6 years of wanting to join us.

Despite the majority still being in the middle of getting dressed, the press requested our presence for a 09:30 photoshoot with the two Doctors in attendance, which meant only Vader could take part. I mention this only because later that day one of the photographers would ask for the TKs to pose with products which I wouldn’t allow, leading to him questioning me why it was okay for them to lean on each other shoulders but not hold a box.
When I asked when he’d witnessed this behaviour, he replied he hadn’t, which made it a rather random argument on the whole!

Throughout the morning I heard repeated comments on how the bad weather was keeping people from attending, but the entrance area where we were stood was mobbed consistently and at least one attempt to take the squad round the dealer hall had to be immediately aborted due to how crowded it was (the queue for David Bradley snaked away from his table round the side of the hall and out one of the doors we were positioned near more than once and several autograph tables had to be relocated because of the disruption their queues were causing) so if all these people put off by the rain and wind had turned up, I’ve no idea where the organisers would have put them…

With the lunch schedule having disappeared in a huff of smoke, we took a break at 12:00 to allow Leo to get kitted up for the afternoon and perform his branding. Although slightly reticent at first after a few words of encouragement from Nu-Stu and myself he took to Jawaing like a desert scavenger to a hairy egg, poking his head into the back of pictures, stealing the property of passers-by and generally getting a lot of attention from folks wanting photos.

While the weather didn’t really improve the flow of punters remained consistent through the afternoon, only slightly dying down once a raffle draw in the hall had taken place. This did mean the dealer hall was easier to navigate with the squad, to relive the tedium of standing in the one spot but as the troopers drifted off one by one to dekit due to aches and pains and armour pinching we were left with resident stalwart Chewie from the Filthy Rebel side and our Duracell Powered Jawa as the clock wound to 17:00. With even Paul calling it quits at that point, I’m fairly sure Leo would still be hanging around the Corn Exchange in his brown robe and glowing yellow eyes even now had Jenn and I not forced him back to the changing room.

Only a buffet dinner on offer and bleary eyed drive home after 18 hours now stood between me and my bed…

Visual Archive

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