75 Erskine Motorbike Meet 2015 – 31st May 2015

Troop Icons TB 2015Location
Erskine Home, Bishopton 12:00 – 16:00

Mission Report
Proving that you can never judge a troop by its intended audience, I don’t think any of us were massively optimistic for this event when we arrived to find the organiser unreachable after making our way through successive waves of leather clad bikers intent on denying access to any vehicle with more than 3 wheels to the site and the rock band tuning up over the PA system which had all the signs of rendering RomFXs totally moot.

Confounding expectations though there were a surprising number of children at the event (dogs too, how do they ride a motorbike anyway?) and there seems to be hitherto unexpected deep veins of Star Wars, Judge Dredd and Planet of the Apes fandom amongst the Scottish biker community.
This lead to non-stop requests for photos immediately on leaving the changing area – possibly a bit too immediately for my liking given that we were halfway across a road and there were till attendees arriving on their bikes at the same time – and for the duration of the troop.

It was nice to finally see our glorious leaders shit flinging ape in person at long last and have the emaciated form of Judge Death grace us with his presence

(punch line incoming)

in his Street Judge outfit*, even if he was smiling a little too much to accurately portray a stony faced lawman.

Visual Archive

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*Do you see what I did there?  I cleverly equated the Old Git Hamilton with the undead super fiend from 2000AD because of their visual similarity and temperament.