94 The Erskine Motorbike Meet 2017 – 28th May 2017

Erskine Home, Bishopton 12:00 Р16:00

Mission Report
After the tiring tedium of the previous day I was all for pulling out of this event right up until the point we left the house.¬† Knowing full well I was unlikely attend as the Jawa I’d signed up as having had no time to wire the replacement sound board, my apparent options were to attend as Batman (scuppered by not wanting to be the only non-Star Wars costumer there) or a Biker Scout an outfit, damage to it aside, I’ve very much had my fill of these past few years – plus, y’know, it’s getting so there are loads of them now…
Almost exactly four years to the day of my last outing in it though, enough time had passed that I had entirely forgotten the unpleasantness of wearing my Stealth Trooper for any length of time and so it ended up being the costume loaded into the car.

Slight inclines aside, having attended this venue previously I knew it to be both relatively flat and confined enough that only the most catastrophic costume failure would curtail my trooping and fortunately the specified number of spotters had been reached for the sign-up that meant anyone having to go back to the changing area wouldn’t be dragging the whole troop in tow as well.

Although the sun beat down for the duration I was comfortable enough albeit after standing still in any one place for too long it meant a few seconds of adjustment for the armour to fall back into a configuration which allowed non-John Wayne movement to prevent trapping fleshy it’s between hard plastic edges!
My usual ROM fx, mic and speaker were still packed away with the TB kit but the spare seemed to have been set up ideally for my purposes and during the periods we were bombarded for photo opportunities I had very few issues vocalizing and being understood leading to the amusing exchange with two patient punters who’d seen youngsters jump ahead of them into frame at each opportunity for several minutes when I advised them just to push the kids out of the way as they didn’t have to be nice to them as we weren’t at Disney…

Overall an enjoyable all too rare outing for the UKGs first Stealth Trooper, although from what I observed the Jawa was having a lot more fun the whole time.¬† I really should get my finger out…

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