124 Science Lates – Sound and Screen – 21st February 2020


Glasgow Science Centre, Glasgow 08:00 – 22:30


DRDA-0000 Doug Inman Dalek
GB-6275 Mark McCreadie Ghostbuster
ID-15233 Fraser Boyd Line Officer
SL-77314 Alan Dalgleish Darth Vader
TA-7240 Julie Sword AT-AT Pilot
TB-89909 Jenn Mair Biker Scout
TI-91810 Lynn McDavid Stormtrooper
TK-18910 Brian McDavid Stormtrooper
UK-0000 Jamie Hall Spotter
UK-6084 Stuart Thompson Spotter

Mission Report
You have to admire the persistence of the Glasgow Science Centre in continuing with these Science Late events as they never seem to have an attendance that would justify the staffing costs.  I suppose we’re equally culpable, we keep turning up to them too although the attendees rarely have any interest in our presence, but although very, very, quiet this was ironically one of the instances better attended by the public.

I struggled to think why it had been marked an induction, until I realised that jokes about the size of Frasers trousers were a clue it was technically his first troop.  He’s been a fixture at events for such long time now between his Mando and RL attendances I just assumed his officer had been cleared months ago, sans branding a quick handshake had to suffice as his welcome to the 501st.

As is normal we started the evening out in the atrium to welcome those visitors that the persistent rain hadn’t kept away but the shorter walk from the car park to the cinema entrance meant that many of them bypassed those of us near the main doors entirely.  Taking the lift to the higher floors revealed them to be practically empty, bar areas aside, and we even ventured to the third floor which is pretty much unheard of as the heat up there is oppressive for anyone in costume when the building is busier.

Looking down from this vantage point showed that the cafeteria was fairly well occupied so after a break some of the troopers elected to take a wander around there.  The mixture of alcohol and voices muffled by helmets seemed to cause some slight aggravation though so it was a visit quickly curtailed.

The most interesting part of the night for me was a journey down the ramp towards the base of the tower.  I’ve never actually been in that area before, as per the long standing local joke the tower itself seems to have been closed due to structural problems/weather/lift being broken for the majority of the time since it’s construction, but being able to see the base and foundations and the explanation of the engineering behind it was as fascinating as the loud AT-AT Walker alike noises of its movement in the wind.

Knowing that a live band was due to start performing in the atrium at 21:00 we took a last tour of this area ahead of time to bid farewell to anyone departing early, but it had long passed the stage where the attendees had started to get slightly grab-y towards the costumes and it was relief to call the night quits

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97 Glasgow Science Centre, Science Lates – 1st September 2017

Science Centre, Glasgow 18:00 – 22:30

Mission Report
This was something of a strange event when compared to the annual Halloween party in the same venue; nowhere near as quite as the weekday Cool Science event from 2012, but about the same level of interest in our presence from the attending public.
Positioned as we were at the entrance when people began arriving, pretty much anyone who wanted a photo with us got it within the first 30 minutes, meaning that we were left to our own devices to wander about for the rest of the night. While it allowed the opportunity for plenty of creative photos, it did rather ensure that the event dragged on.

Although the event was scheduled to run to 22:30, before the last hour our participation had completely died off and I was grateful we called it an early night.

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