72 Glasgow Science Centre Halloween Party – 31st October 2014 PART TWO!


Having been invited back to the GSC, to take part in their Halloween party, we discovered that the STV magazine program The Riverside Show would be broadcasting a segment live from the facility during our Troop.

Although they were only interviewing the event organiser and not ourselves we were asked to wander about in the background of the shot while it was taking place…

Obviously with it being transmitted live it wasn’t possible for those of us present to see our appearance.
Luckily however Rill and Led* have mostly been using their loyal Viper Probe Droid as a fancy Digital Video Recorder lately so they don’t miss any episodes of Coach Trip. Led being Led can’t program the Series Link so rather than see Liam and Georgy get a three-day immunity from the daily vote, he mistakenly recorded us instead…

*Yes, that is still a thing, even though it’s been nearly four years since the last episode.


72 Glasgow Science Centre Halloween Party – 31st October 2014

Science Centre, Glasgow 18:00 – 21:30

Mission Report
It was a delight to return to the Glasgow Science Centre Halloween Party again for a second year, one of the few occasions that presents the opportunity, and that it’s thematically appropriate, to done the Ghostbusters get up.

From the off though the night was a bit of a personal disaster for me.  Despite giving the pack a once over and much-needed dust the night before on arrival I discovered that the neutron wand had broken in two, possibly during transport.  While I was able to perform a (rather unsubtle) duct tape repair on that I wasn’t in a position to do anything to resolve the stuttering from the pack speaker when the sounds were running.  Not a massive inconvenience as the noise inside pretty much drowns it out anyway, but my fellow paranormal investigator and eliminator did let out a chuckle when I was forced to make proton stream noise with my mouth while we wrangled some animated skeletons outside.  Hopefully this just needs a change of battery and isn’t damaged wiring because I don’t think I own a costume now that isn’t in need of some kind of repair at this stage!

The event seemed quieter to me that the previous year, certainly in Trooper attendance if not actually that of the public but even so we were hardly able to cover half the ground we’d done the year before, mostly being confined to the entrance and at the top of the escalators on the first floor.  The public seemed pleased to see us though and it was nice to run into a mini Ghostbuster and two somewhat more mature examples.  Possibly as an unfortunate sign of Hollywood things to come they were all female.

By an odd coincidence at one point as we walked our way from the changing area I found myself musing on how the proceedings could be improved by having a Halloween Horror Nights-style experience with Scareactors lurching out of the dark corners at the public.
Little did I realise until the night was over that exactly this type of things was happening a zombie infested area that we never wandered into!

It’s already been suggested by the organisers that we’ll be invited back next year and I hear tell that the GSC is considering running a similar thing for adults in future so I’m glad the event is proving as popular with the public as it is with the costumers…

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