115 Ayrshire Squadron RLC Family Open Day – 7th September 2019


Dreghorn, Irvine 10:30 – 14:30


Jey d’Srow Julie Sword Rebel Pilot
Ediro Two Tubes Brian Morrison Fringe
RLUK Fraser Boyd Crew
RLUK Mark McCreadie Crew

Mission Report
A fairly small, local event for both costumers and crew and while we lacked a big ticket character to draw interest ultimately the crowd on the day probably wouldn’t have warranted anyone travelling much of distance. The weather was bright and mild although the areas of shadow were no doubt a welcome relief, particularly to Brian and we had pretty much the run of the place with various bits of military equipment making for some nice photos to help pass the time.

The organising officers had set aside a table for us to use to collect for charity and have a publicity display, but with the dearth of information around this troop provided by the UKG event organiser, none of this had been mentioned prior to our arrival.

With public attendance being somewhat limited to friends and family of the base personnel the entire day, the event became noticeably quiet mid-afternoon and we called it quits an hour or so early, although not as early as the drum band who despite being advertised as appearing throughout the day apparently performed one set and left after about an hour!
Maybe next year Rebel Legion should get top billing…

Visual Archive

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