105 BGCP Largs Comic Con 2019 – 23rd February 2019

National Sports Training Centre Inverclyde, Largs 09:00 – 16:00


BH-7240 Julie Sword Greedo
SL-77314 Alan Dalgleish Darth Vader
TB-6275 Mark McCreadie Biker Scout
TK-18910 Brian McDavid Stormtrooper
UK-91810 Lynne McDavid Spotter

Mission Report
I did one of these Big Glasgow Comic Page events about two years back and was pleasantly surprised that about the quantity and breadth of attendees. There are other comic con events where our presence barely gets a second glance having attended so often over the years, but local events like these with a token admission cost bring a more diverse mixture of nerds and families, especially with younger children who may otherwise not be inclined to hike all the way to your SECs or Braeheads who may never have seen us before.
That said on the long uphill drive from the sea front in Largs up to the Inverclyde Sports Centre I did wonder what attendance would be like, as unlike the Rutherglen event it wasn’t located in the town centre and with the limited parking already crowded with vendor vans and transport for the Paralympic Boccia athletes who were using the premises at the same time…

After kitting up and wandering into the hall the event was taking place in my heart slightly sunk. There were easily 50 dealer tables there, but the space was so large it made the number of public attending look tiny in comparison. On the plus-side, this meant that the aisles were also huge, allowing ourselves and the Rebel Legion… er… not “troopers”… rebellers? rebellionists? …whatever… to navigate easily and remain spread out for individual photos while easily coming together for any requested group shots.

The flow was steady if not overwhelming throughout the day, similarly dying off as the afternoon wore closer to the cosplay competition allowing us to de-kit and have a limited look round the stalls as the vendors commenced their packing up…

Visual Archive

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