Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part fifty-seven


Sorry to say, but considering they are by Bryan Hitch, the Green Arrow covers from #35 onwards are routinely boring.  I suppose it explains the widescreen letterbox effect the other week though.

Had there been a #36 of Will To Power it would have been released during the Lego Variant Month DC did to celebrate the release of Lego Batman 3, ergo:

I have something wrong with me…

I know I’m not the first to make the Kal-Eloggs joke, but here’s about six hours work gone into designing and making this detailed and accurate box, complete with GDA information, for Superman to serve cereal to Lois Lane from when he asks her to a romantic dinner.




Only to shrink it down to unreadable size for the finished Minifig-sized prop anyway…