Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part seventy-five

To celebrate making it to 75 of these stupid posts I thought I’d take us on a retrotastic voyage back to 1982 and Firestorm, volume 2, issue 1 for the occasion.

The reason I was messing around with ShadowPlay incidentally was that I needed a screen grab of the FX for the new Atomic power set in DCUO on the character creation screen as the usual screenshot methods didn’t show it.

I massively enjoyed recreating the vintage branding and indicia which is so much more vibrant and exciting than the corporate and sterile stuff we have these days.  I’ve no intention of Meltdown becoming a regular thing (the amount of work alone in creating a new set of creases on the covers each time would be stupid even if I had that many old books to work with) but the DC house style and The Fury of Firestorm The Nuclear Man in particular altered about six times in the first 30 issues, not counting minor variations so it’s tempting to revisit her in future…