The Attack on Endor game for the Oculus Rift DK2 made me too queasy to play it, so this is pretty good news…

I bought a joystick specifically to play this on my 486 SX-25 back in the day.  Actually this and Day of The Tentacle (also available) were probably the reasons I bought a PC (sorry mum, I lied about the “for doing college work thing”)…

Doesn’t mean I was any good at either of them though.



Play This again, Sam

Back when the UKG were all going on about “embracing Totem”*, I always assumed they were talking about this game, which is ace and should indeed be embraced.

But wait. That’s not all, because the sequel is out too, so you can double your Totem Destroying pleasure. Woo. Yay.





*Just for the record, I still have no idea what they were actually on about and if you try to tell me I won’t believe a word of it.

Play This

Get down to some Crayon Physics lovin’…

Played that?
Now play this.
Warning! Not safe for anyone currently eating.

Now play this instead: http://original-feod.mybrute.com

It distresses me how the majority of people I fight all seem to have a weapon of some sort yet I’ve never acquired one…
Look. Where’s that guy above get a doublehead mace? It hits for like 40 damage or something insane like that. And it’s usually taking three swings with it! D&D nerds will point out it’s actually a Double Ball Flail.

A Double Ball Flail with teeth.