112 Scotland National Airshow – 27th July 2019


East Fortune Airfield, East Lothian 10:00 – 17:00


Brilzi’veri Graeme Carmichael Jedi Knight
Chewbacca Paul Smith Wookie
Dosmit Raeh Gillian Mackay Rebel Pilot
Jattu Taroqes Mark McCreadie Jawa
Jey d’Srow Julie Sword Rebel Pilot
Jil “Gremlin” Porkins Claire Mackie Rebel Pilot
Lexan ‘Specs’ Kidd Alex Dick Rebel Pilot
Macca Starkno Calum Macqueen Jedi Guardian
Phi Ward Jnr Phil Howard Resistance Pilot
RLUK John Smith Crew

Mission Report
It’s been a hot minute since we’ve made the effort to go to a troop sufficiently far away to warrant an overnight stay (and judging by the journey there and back again, we’d have had to leave the house at about 05:00 to be sure of being on time!) but with it being one of the rare occasions Julie and I were costuming at the same time and our respective first Rebel Legion events it was worth pushing the boat out.

Going by the weather the night before said boat looked like it would be an ideal proposition  but while the sky remained bruised during our march from the changing room to the hanger the rain mostly held off, although the tarmac and grass were wet enough to turn Jawa boots and robes into a sodden mess each time I crossed either surface.

Our position in the Concorde exhibit hanger kept us out of the rain and supplied with a regular flow of punters through the day, but the heat and dim lighting conspired to reduce my activities greatly.  I genuinely had trouble determining which shadowy outline was someone pointing a camera phone towards me and which was someone facing in the opposite direction.  Suffice to say I was deeply grateful for the SLR wielding public and their orange pre-flash indicators and surplus of X-Wing pilots providing navigation way-points throughout the day!

Although there was a spectacular U-turn by one over-confident approaching child early on, by far the best interaction was with one particular girl late in the afternoon who had real issues getting close enough for a high-five.  Despite repeated demonstration from her younger male and female companions that there was nothing to fear from doing so, the slightest movement in her direction on my part sent her into paroxysms of panic.  After a while I began playing up to it making my movements as creepy and slow as possible whenever she got close, even when immediately beforehand I was socially interacting entirely normally with her view.  In all honesty I only gave up on chasing her across the hanger in the end because other people had smaller children accompanying them and I was concerned she’d bowl one of them over while fleeing..!

Vision issues aside, a great first troop with the good guy-side of the hobby, my thanks to Paul and Alex for their collective efforts in putting it together and I hope both Rebels and Imperials made an adequate impression to justify a return invite in future

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