96 Glasgow Film & Comic Con Promo Event – 30th July 2017

soar at intuĀ Braehead, Glasgow 13:30 – 14:15

Mission Report
What a massive waste of time this event was!

I’m not sure why they’d organise to have us walk in a specific formation only to rearrange the deployment as soon as we start, then suggest we go back to the original plan minutes later.

Between the lighting in the venue not being conductive to having any form of reduced vision, the fact that the majority of people in the area were below chest height, either by dint of being young kids or adults sat down, the uneven loose surface littered with semi-obscured obstacles by way of buckets, spades and balls buried in the sand it was a generally unpleasant experience all in.

It seems a colossal waste of energy from everyone involved to ask us along to a promotional photo-shoot then give us no direction on where to stand to ensure that we’re actually in the field of view of the camera lens, but should have come as no surprise given the lack of organisational skills Showmasters display up here on an annual basis.

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