“10 Billion LY Traveled”… Are LY flown stored for each ship?

Star Trek Online celebrated its third anniversary back at the start of February and published this infographic:c9b71d057548048323bb9323b4b893e41359580935

This prompted a discussion on their forums as to what metrics they stored where user treking2 wrote: The 3rd Anniversary Infographic states “Over 10 Billion Light Years Traveled”.
Is the Light Years traveled by each ship stored internally, or is this a totally made up value?
If it is stored, it would be nice if it could be shown on the ship status page,
individually for each ship.

User collegepark2151 replied: I think an odometer on your ship would be kind of cool.

So here you go pal…ODOmeter

Halloween 2012

I’ve mentioned previously my Bat-chagrin that, despite my best toy plying efforts to ensure he was brought up in the manner of the Brotherhood, in my nephews own words he “likes Batman but loves Spider-man the most”.

So I’m claiming it as something of a victory that in a dress rehearsal for tomorrow nights Archery Association Halloween Party my Arkham Asylum based suit elicited a jaw dropped reaction and the comment “is it the real one..?” at first sight this Halloween.

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Now this ain’t a dumb kid, he’s seen me in costume regularly for the last five years, practically his whole life, and has no issue distinguishing his uncle dressed up from the fantasy that the various characters are real, so I’m taking a point for this particular success…

Starfleets newest recruits

Julie is off to NERDFEST 2012 next weekend and due to the bizarre restrictions on the photo shoots with the stars concerned she’ll be unable to: a) make eye contact with; b) breathe the same air as; c) converse to and d) take soft toys into pictures with the talent which pretty much means that any Pixar derived cuddly film tie-in being in the photos too is entirely out of the question.

So, the next best thing, is for me to knock up an appropriate picture and get it stuck on a t-shirt for her to wear: 

Ugh. We’ll just gloss over January, shall we..?

I’m not a Star Wars geek, by any stretch of the imagination particularly since, Lego Minifigs aside, nothing good has come out of that franchise since about halfway through 1983. Having said that Christmas Day 2010 was a lot like Christmas Day circa 1981, having received the toy versions of the AT-AT and Snowspeeder for both from the jolly fat man in red, i.e. Dracula.

Having spent Christmas and New Year in a weird haze of not knowing whether I’d have a job come April and the best part of the first two weeks of 2011 bouncing off the walls of a Premier Inn in Aberdeen WHERE 3G HASN’T BEEN INVENTED YET, it was a relief to return home and have legitimate excuses for not actually accomplishing anything.

For the first time since I took over the site CoHCOMICS.COM missed an update because of being away. I had actually prepared (well, I say prepared, I mean worked until 22:30 the night before it was due) everything for the upload but the whole not being able to access the Internet sort of put the kibosh on that.
Once again the planned submission had slipped and I had to use an inventory issue to fill the spot, hopefully this was somewhat mitigated though by the debut of a Second Feature. This was a concept stolen from DC and is something I plan to do occasionally to get submissions which haven’t in the past been strong enough to put out on their own some exposure.
A good example is the double-header of Star Trek Online based comics which I hummed and hawed over previously, but several of our contributors create material surrounding their main storylines and it’s a good chance to get some of that seen.
For the inaugural edition though, I went with something closer to home that is a slightly tweaked version of the New Year Rill and Led update. Since it focused on the superhero characters rather than the two erstwhile Snowtroopers, the strip lent itself to magazine format naturally anyway and Spider-man, Hulk and the others would take less explaining to anyone seeing these 12-inch Adventures for the first time.
The whole story was pretty elaborate actually. Look! That’s an actual set that’s been built for the first time, even if it was only 30 minutes work with some marker pens and small Christmas decorations..!

Speaking of the Second Feature initiative, it’ll make a good showcase for the 7 pages of comic I’ve finally finished after agreeing to provide them back in July!
You may recall I previously commented on the bespoke speech bubbles the main character used and the multiple elements which required compositing for each. Stupidly what I did was to reduce the number of these required by creating dialogue boxes which required even more work for each.

There’s little chance I’d have the time to expand this out to a full comic anytime soon to complete the story, but half a dozen pages every couple of months to showcase alongside one of the other titles might be possible.

By the way, that’s Star Trek Online just passed its first Anniversary, which remarkably for someone with such a low boredom threshold means I’m still playing the game a year on.
They celebrated this week by having Q (or more accurately his son) show up and quiz players on their Star Trek knowledge. successfully answer five questions correctly and you could have a badge, but it was much more fun to get them wrong so that he’d turn the player into various creatures like one of those Klingon dogs from Star Trek III, or a Vulcan Selath cat or best of all a Horta. Luckily players could beg him to be turned back or wait for ten minutes till it wore off otherwise it might’ve been difficult to push the buttons back on their ships.

One thing I’m unlikely to be playing a year from now, or in fact ever again the way things are going, is Battlestar Galactica Online. I wasn’t very enamoured by the gameplay and after docking at the Galactica I found myself stuck looking at a hangar with no way to interact at all. Now after logging out for a week I find that myself and many other players get about a third of the way into loading the game and it just stops dead.