99 Lucienne’s Birthday Party – 17th December 2017

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Stewarton Sports Centre, Stewarton 11:00 Р13:00

Mission Report
The UKG rarely accept the invitations we get to attend birthdays parties (children’s or adults) except in very special cases and personally, much like weddings, I’m very wary that people expect us to attend as entertainment for the guests and give events like these a wide berth the majority of the time.¬† This specific event though…¬† Well, writing a field report seems slightly weird so I’ll let the sign-up text speak for itself…

Lucienne Garman isn’t like any other 5 year old. On the previous two Christmases, she hasn’t asked for any gifts from her parents, but she wanted money paid to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity Appeal. And she has asked for the same again this year.
Lucienne is also a big Star Wars fan, and her parents would love of some of the UK Garrison could pop into her party to say Hello.
Normally we wouldn’t consider such a request, as it is not something we usually attend, but the staff have discussed this request, and we all feel that Lucienne certainly deserves a special surprise for her 6th birthday.
You can see her just giving pages at these links:

Lucienne was also at the Glasgow Science Centre Halloween Party this year dressed as Darth Vader (but in a dress), and she was a huge hit with everyone there.

I would struggle to recall having met a nicer family and for them to take the time to write bespoke thank-you cards and present the three of us who attended with gifts as an expression of their gratitude was entirely unwarranted.

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