Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part forty-three


I like this one. The depth of field stuff doesn’t quite work but it kind of looks like Harley is photo-bombing Archer which entirely suits her personality…


I’m kind of glad the game only has 30 levels and this experiment ends before we get to the Futures End lenticular covers. And no, I’m not going to keep going with Archer until it reaches #19!

Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part forty-two


And for your dessert after your Christmas dinner, you can this healthy serving of cheesecake…

The blog post is up here boys…

This is actually from the intro cut-scene for the mission.  As I said, for the hero covers it’s either that or a screenshot of being pummelled or the villain tied up at the end…


Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part forty-one


As I mentioned yesterday, it’s easier to get Archer and a villain into better positions for a screenshot, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still cheat it and use one from within one of the clubs!

Despite using almost exactly the same embossing and diffusion settings when creating each of these, the effect clearly works better on some images than others.

Perhaps with this being an extreme close-up the diffusion effect isn’t as apparent as it is on objects that are smaller in the frame..?


Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part forty


While the Archer covers were fairly straightforward because of the characters moral persuasion means she has regular interactions with iconic villains the hero covers are slightly more complicated.  When a hero character encounters villains they tend to be trying to kill the player and are very reluctant to stay in the one place for you to get a nice camera angle for very long!

In a fine example of Superdickery, Kal-El ruined the background of one of the few suitable images I got of this fight and had to be erased.  Normally this would break my no-editing rule for these covers, but since I was in doing the depth of field effect anyway I figure it gets a pass.  Heck it is Christmas after all…



Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part thirty-nine


So we get to the “3D” covers of Villains Month and since it’s the week before Christmas I’ll post one every day from until Boxing Day.  First up Archer 7.1, or Catwoman #1 as it would have been.  Except of course Catwoman had an ongoing title in The New 52 at the time and so wouldn’t have got an issue.

To try and replicate the lenticular effect I masked out the different objects which would be at separate points along the z-axis individually.  Each were embossed in turn, with the value increasing as the parts got closer to the camera.  Conversely each element was diffused with a higher value than the last as it moved into the image away from the field of focus.

The technique works better with some of the images than others as you’ll see throughout the week, but by way of comparison I’ll include the original flat image too:


Told you I’d get more mileage out of last weeks Catwoman logo!