Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part fifty-two


The “Broken” story for the final three issues of the Lemire/Sorrentino run on Green Arrow had probably the most stylised set of covers of their authorship.

This and the next two probably went through the most revisions of all these DCUO covers I’ve done so far between chopping and changing the different silhouettes and screenshot images, but it was worth it because they’re probably my favourites so far…

Speaking of revisions:

Only while browsing the 30 cover run for Will To Power did I notice how horribly pixelated the original Christmas cover was. I guess originally I was trying to get all the elements, lights, tree, presents and character in one frame and as a result the camera had to be so far back that when it was scaled to fit the page it looked terrible…

Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part fifty-one


I should probably rename these posts “Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, because I keep redoing them”…

The original #10 cover was done at a time when the “no image editing” rule was in place.  As recent events have shown us, that’s gone right out the window now, so I’ve replaced the original drawing of Ambush Bug in the logo with a shot from him in-game.

Archer reaches the final instalment of our Dark Path series of covers.  As I said before maybe I should have transposed this and the purple hued issues around instead of being so slavish to the Green Arrow originals.  The lens is hardly noticeable on this one (so much so that I had to go back and check it was there!) but otherwise the process has been the same for all six.

Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part fifty


And so Archer finds herself in Crime Alley paying her respects to Thomas and Martha Wayne…

The fiftieth of these posts seems an appropriate place to have reached the level cap for the game with the character I started out with. Ever since I realised the characters did that Adi Granov Iron Man pose when they fell from a height, I’ve known that this would be the cover for the last issue.
Not that you can tell, but it’s outside the Metropolis Police Station you begin your Superman mentored career in and he’s wearing his Justice League logo on the chest.

While there were screenshots with the big three in the Watchtower, they’re stood too far apart to work as a cover, so the game has successfully thwarted me right till the end…

Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part forty-nine


I had so much fun with this one with the retro GL/GA logo and the sneaky Boy Millionaires homage. Made me realise it was the design bits I enjoyed in this run of covers more than the finding interesting screenshots…

The Archer cover repeats the process of the previous few. Perhaps the purple tone should have been kept for the final cover in the series instead of aping the Outsiders War covers so closely..?

Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part forty-eight


Again, not much to be said about the Archer cover, except that there’s only one lens applied on the next three as the two used to create the vignette effect for the first two covers in this set made the remainder of them look too dark.

“The Waking Dead”. Hehe. It’s obviously only because they’re awake that they’re walking about.

EDIT: I don’t know, somewhere along the line things have got confused and I thought I was at level #29 when the above was written… In reality the screenshot for #28 was taken right at the start of that block of XP ladder, probably because I was hoping to get a thematic link to the #29 cover, which never happened. Looking back there were other, equally good, if not better screenshots from that level, but the cover above was already complete and posted.
As luck would have it though, #28 of Green Lantern was an odd double comic, a “flip book” if you will with Red Lanterns #28, so while the other screenshot comes from a separate mission and doesn’t continue the story as they did, at least I feel a bit better about how things turned out…
Will to Power 28b