Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part fourteen

Julie’s birthday comes round again, and following last years SWG themed entry, it turns out I’m prepared to put up with the headaches of the The Old Republic now that it’s free…Bitmap in TOR 2
This is probably they most effort I’ve put into one of these things, not least because of having to play the characters to around level 10 to get access to the lightsabre and rocket jet boots to take screenshots which homage the box artwork…


Covers for comic books I’ll never get round to producing, part thirteen


Julie’s birthday comes round again, and with no new MMOs in sight there wasn’t going to be a cover this time round…

Not 100% true, I had an idea back before Christmas that The Old Republic might provide the opportunity to reference her oft mentioned Chewbacca-likeness but seeing as the game looked rubbish and the Beta I was part of was so bug riddled the game mostly wouldn’t even load that fell by the wayside. Additionally, from what I gather, there aren’t alien species available to players, unlike in Star Wars Galaxys.
Unfortunately SWG was shut down some months before, so that was out too.

It came as a pleasant surprise then last weekend to find various groups working to get private servers with an older iteration of SWG up and running, so rolling an appropriately reminiscent avatar I wandered around a deserted Mos Eisley looking for an appropriate location to take a screenshot and happened on a Biker Scout.

Afterwards, wandering randomly in the desert (not having played the game I have no idea if the vehicles are usable, so I was making a long hike around the landscape) I happened across a Blackhole Trooper halfway up a sand dune. The resulting screenshots were mostly unusable as a sandstorm had blown in and I’m fairly sure night was setting, if indeed it does in-game, so I logged out at the same spot, hoping to capture something more appropriate later. When I did log back in the Stealthtrooper was gone, so I can only assume with the server being in its Alpha sandbox state that someone else had randomly spawned the NPC object and I just happened to come across it before it was wiped by a server restart. In tribute to such odds, I’ve included him in the top corner, appropriately photobombing someone else’s picture as such TXs are prone to do…