Hey Kids! CoH COMICS! – April 2016

HeyKidsRecovered and reissued comics from the CoHCOMICS.COM archive for April 2016…

Pathos 1
Futana 1
Futana 2
Starship Agamemnon 0
Starship Agamemnon 1
Starship Agamemnon 2


Hey Kids! CoH COMICS! – March 2016

HeyKidsRecovered and reissued comics from the CoHCOMICS.COM archive for March 2016…

The Justice-Knights 1
The Justice-Knights 2
The Justice-Knights 3
The Justice-Knights 4
The Justice-Knights 5
The Justice-Knights 6
The Justice-Knights 7
The Justice-Knights 8
The Justice-Knights 9
Forever Men 15
Forever Men 16
Forever Men 17
Forever Men 18
Forever Men 19
Forever Men 20
Forever Men 21
Forever Men 22
Forever Men 23
Forever Men 24
Forever Men 25
Forever Men 26
Forever Men 27
Forever Men 28
Forever Men 29


Hey Kids! CoH COMICS! – February 2016

HeyKidsRecovered and reissued comics from the CoHCOMICS.COM archive for February 2016…

The UD Chronicles 1
The UD Chronicles 2
The UD Chronicles 3
The UD Chronicles 4
Starship Salvation 1
Expendables 1
Fen Tiger 1
Fire and Brimstone 0
Fire and Brimstone 1
Fire and Brimstone 2


Hey Kids! CoH COMICS! – January 2016

HeyKidsRecovered and reissued comics from the CoHCOMICS.COM archive for January 2016…

Anarchy Boy 1
Anarchy Boy 2
Anarchy Boy 3

Battle Bovine 9
Battle Bovine 10
Battle Bovine 11
Battle Bovine 12

Crazy Tim 1

Dark Canuck 1
Dark Canuck 2
Dark Canuck 3

Death Head Hero 1
Death Head Hero 2


Marks Remarks

Back in February I touched on the the fact that I’d failed to deliver an update for the CoHCOMICS site for the first time since I took it over. Unfortunately following that the same thing happened again for the next update and the next and I came to the realisation that I just wasn’t enjoying it any more.
On top of that the laptop death/remediation issues with the domain name/a general lack of time to develop it further/other superhero MMOs being prettier/not actually having played CoH since i14/Paragon Studios global account merger stupidity had all conspired to force me to the decision to draw the site to a close at the end of April.
Thanks to this blog though most of it will still be around in some form even if it takes a while to move all the material across and it’s not to say I won’t do something with it or the three dozen or so submissions which are still waiting to go online eventually, but after five years running it (three of which have been updating a minimum of very two weeks) and nearly seven after the site first opened it’s doors it was time to take a breather!

With all my new-found free time I’ve gravitated back to playing Champions Online, favouring it slightly even over my beloved Star Trek Online with its recent content drought. That’s not to say Champs has been any better in that regard what with the buyout of Cryptic from Atari by Perfect World and effort seemingly being focused on the move of STO to a free to play model instead, but having left CO when the closed beta for Trek started and not having returned till the debut of its Weekly Comic Series there’s a ton of old content which is entirely new to me at this point.

It’s also prompted me to push on with my Tabula Rasa comic. In fact in the last month I’ve made more progress on that than I have at anytime since I completed the first 14 pages of it back in July 2009!